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Fleet Washing Programs

Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM)

A Clean Slate and Professional Fleet Managers understand that their companies' Image is greatly enhanced by a scheduled on-site cleaning program.

Here's some of the most popular company and commercial fleet cleaning projects we do:

  • Tractor Trailers
  • Mail and Route Carriers
  • Food and Beverage Delivery Trucks
  • Sales and Maintenance Vehicles
  • Rail Industry

Do you have a fleet of company vehicles that need to be cleaned on a regular basis? Then you need to take advantage of our company fleet washing service. We can clean any type of vehicle, including buses, delivery trucks, mail carriers and tractor trailers. There is nothing on the road that we can't clean and maintain. A CleanSlate is equipped to wash hundreds of fleet vehicles a day while recovering our wash water during the process.

At A Clean Slate, we pride ourselves on being a dependable fleet washing service that consistently performs an exceptional job for our clientele. Our process will remove the most stubborn grease, dirt, road film, exhaust soot and bugs using hot water, brushes and bio-degradable detergents. Our team will clean the vehicles painted surface, rims, tires, bumpers, exterior frame, windows, mirrors, front grills and gas tanks – leaving each unit with a guaranteed SPOT FREE FINISH. A CleanSlate is equipped to wash hundreds of fleet vehicles a day.

Why hire someone to clean your fleet of vehicles? Because it's the simplest way to get the work done so you can give attention to what you do best. Secondly your fleet of vehicles is a moving billboard that represents your Company. Take every advantage to let your customers and competitors know you are serious about YOUR IMAGE. Another motivation is because it will actually save you money in repairs, since keeping brakes and other functional parts of a vehicle clean is a recommended part of any good preventive maintenance program.

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Fed-Ex Fleet

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Public Service Company of New Mexico Green Fleet

One of the biggest benefits you get is fast service. Our staff of trained professionals can provide quick but thorough work so your vehicles or haulers stay on the road instead of sitting in a parking lot. This alone makes outsourcing your commercial fleet washing needs a smart business and financial decision.

PNM FleetPepsiCo fleet

We have all the equipment and manpower to handle even the largest fleets. We're not limited to any certain type, style or color either. So whether you have a navy blue rig or a white mail carrier, our service will fit your needs.